The Charming Tórshavn

Tórshavn is the charming capital of the Faroe Islands, there is actually nothing much to do here but stroll around and find yourself in amazement inside the tiny, narrow streets with houses lined along next to each other. Of course, there are some other sights to see, but you’ll need to take a boat/ferry to get there.

The picturesque view of the Faroe Islands is so unreal!

I stumbled upon a Mission House that offered me sweets and coffee. Faroese are very hospitable, they took me in and treated me as if I was a big time visitor. They talked me into some Bible stuff…Hmm. Still I enjoyed the coffee. I also met this little girl named Rebekka, she has been smiling at me all the time as if she wanted me to snap a photo of her, which I did.