Jaipur City Palace

Jaipur City Palace is a nice visit, but I personally wouldn’t classify it as a “must-see.” The architecture is interesting, but it has more of a feel as a money-making experience rather than a historical tourist attraction, also –  most rooms said no photography allowed.

The costume museum is interesting and worth a look. The Maharajah’s meeting room is also impressive. On the other hand, the paintings in the meeting room are quite impressive and (apparently) copyrighted – so you won’t see it in other places.

There are some shops outside of the palace where you can get some decent prices. Quality seemed to be good and the shop-keepers are a pleasant bunch.


The Silver Urn at the Diwan I-Khas


Chandra Mahal


Inside the Pitam Niwas, is the ornate Peacock Gate


Chandra Mahal – atop is the flag of the Royal Family of Jaipur.


Diwan I-Khas
Chandra Mahal

jp4 jp5 jp6


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