Oui Oui Paris!

Oui! Oui! Paree! I fell in love with this romantic city and I was lucky enough to stay for some good 3 days to be reunited with my highschool friend – to shoot her wedding and to explore Paris’ sights and take in the French culture.

Paris simply has a certain je ne sais quoi and that special something that you can’t quite put your finger on, but whatever it is, it makes you want to linger in Paris for as long as possible, besides, Parisians are so exuberant, romantic, and full of life that you can’t help but feel the same way.


A typical Parisian neighborhood.


Metro sign and an ornate building.


The Centre Pompidou or Le Centre Georges Pompidou is a great modern art museum located in the fourth arrondissement. The museum is known more for its crazy exterior than the actual artwork it houses; the architects decided to expose the things that are normally hidden in the construction of buildings, so they put things like the plumbing and beams and elevators on the outside, and painted them bright colors to draw attention to them.


Outside the Centre Pompidou


Paroisse Saint Merri


Street Art


Stravinsky fountain and its interesting installations.


The infamous Hotel De Ville


At the Pont d’Arcole overlooking the Notre Dame Cathedral


Walking around Paris, you won’t miss this waffle stands!


The Notre Dame Cathedral may be the most famous of all cathedrals. The Gothic masterpiece is located on the Île de la Cité, a small island in the heart of the city.


One of my very favorite details of Notre Dame is out on the front facade of the building: There’s a great statue of Saint Denis holding his chopped-off head, hanging out with a bunch of other saints, just to the left of the big front left door.


Inside the Notre Dame. During the winter season, there is no big crowd queuing to enter, so it was very easy for us to get in real fast.


The place really is stunning, and while you’re taking in the sort of big-picture, overall ambience of the place, there are a few neat details that are worth checking out.



The exterior of the Notre Dame Cathedral


Shakespeare and Company is a famous bookstore located across from Notre Dame features several floors of books and Paris literary history.


Rue de la Huchette is a souvenir and Gyro central. With over a dozen take out Gyro stands/restaurants, you can’t go wrong in this street.


Pont Neuf


Institut de France – You absolutely cannot miss this impressive edifice as you walk along Quai de Conti.


The view of the Pont Neuf at night is absolutely stunning.


The infamous locks of love at the Pont des Arts


The facade of Institut de France provides a great backdrop for some memorable photos of your time in Paris.


*GASP* Musee du Louvre!!! We did not enter the museum, but just to stand on the ground and sense the excitement was very inspirational!


Musee du Louvre is arguably the most famous art museum in the world, and certainly one of the biggest as well.


SELFIE attack!


View from the inside


La Pyramide Inversée or the Inverted Pyramid was conceived as a sort of a “chandelier”, spreading daylight through the Carrousel du Louvre, the underground shopping mall next to the Louvre Museum. Some says Mary Magdalene is buried underneath it.


Arc de Triomphe at night.


The Pont Alexandre is by far one of the most spectacular sights of I have ever seen and by far the most impressive bridge on the Seine River in Paris. Behind is the Grand Palais.


Tadaaaa! And of course, my Paris trip won’t be complete without seeing the most visible Parisian icon, the Eiffel tower!


Breath. Taking. Beautiful.


I ❤ Paris.

It is tossed by the waves, but does not sink. – Paris’ motto.

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