The Old Town of Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik is a city in Eastern Europe whose popularity has been increasing greatly in the past few years. As of July 1, 2013 Croatia is now a member of the EU perhaps making it now even more popular destination for travelers. The city is most popular for an area known as the Old Town, which is fortified by defensive stonewalls which are known as some of the largest and most complete in Europe. IMG_1084

Entering an old city is to me always fascinating. I can’t help to picture how it would have looked like in the old days. The wall was enormous, high and mighty. The city was clean, welcoming, delightful and full of bright stone built houses nicely renovated, there were nice shops everywhere and what stroke me was, that it opposite the old city area of Mostar, Dubrovnik was an ordinary city with butcher, bakery and so on, not just tourist traps like bars, restaurants and souvenir shops. 1VAL_2483 2VAL_2484 7VAL_2498

I walked around in the old town before I decided to mount the city wall which was supposed to be an intriguing walk. The view was stunning and the height of the highest point I found breathtaking, everywhere that I walked I was surrounded by beauty because the city was wonderful with its white clean house walls and orange roofs, but also the sea to one side and the mountain to the other made it all fantastically picturesque.

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