Walking Around the Historic Center of Naples, Italy

Centro Historico: A labyrinth of history built in several layers of one period over the other and Naples prime tourist attraction. With excellent pizzerias, barouque churches, underground greco-roman ruins, famous streets like Spaccanapoli with shops selling traditional Neapolitan nativity figures, mozzarella, costumes and souvenirs and a vibrant night-life and atmosphere makes this free-of-charge living museum a must see among the must sees of Naples. (wikitravel)


2VAL_1333Wonderful narrow streets with lots of souvenir and other shops, small cafes and trattorias, small piazzas and architectural wonders all around, that’s Spaccanapoli. The cleanliness is not an attribute one can give to Naples in general, but if you have already been around the city, it’s tolerable.

IMG_2206Galleria Umberto A shopping passage from the 19th Century. Dating from around 1890 and designed by engineer Paolo Boubee, the Gallleria Umberto was originally the meeting point of the Neapolitan aristocracy. The structure is French inspired with beautifully decorated facades and is a triumph of iron and glass nearly 60 meters high from the dome seemingly supported by copper angles to the delicate colored marbled inlayed floor.

IMG_2213 IMG_2228 IMG_2269Pizza comes from Naples. Look for pizza margherita, the original one, with nothing more than fresh tomatoes, basil, fresh mozzarella and a little olive oil. Eating a pizza in Florence or in Rome is not the same as eating it in Naples! Here the dough is thicker (than in Rome, for example) and is a little chewy.


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