Madurai: Thirumalai Nayakar Mahal

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Thirumalai Nayak Palace is a 17th-century palace erected in 1636 AD by King Thirumalai Nayak, a king of Madurai’s Nayaka dynasty who ruled Madurai from 1623–59, in the city of Madurai, India. This Palace is a classic fusion of Dravidian, Islamic styles. The building, which can be seen today, was the main Palace where the king lived. The original Palace Complex was four times bigger than the present structure. In its heyday, Tirumalai Nayak Palace at Madurai was considered to be one of the wonders of the South.[1] This palace is situated 2 km south east of the Meenakshi Amman Temple. – Wikipedia

Madurai: Shri Menakshi Temple

Madurai is our “stop” before heading to Ernakulam. Staying here for a night is enough since there is only one thing to see, the Shri Menakshi Temple. It is the biggest temple in India – it has four complexes and a huge water bank .

We arrived in Madurai from Chennai after 10 hours bus ride. We stayed in a hotel in front of the local bus stand, so we don’t have to rush when we had to leave.


The Shri Menakshi Temple and its colorful interior.


Garland vendors inside the temple.


There are also shops that sells bangles and pujas.

First thing in the morning, we took a bus to the market where the temple is located. The temple is huge.  It has entrances on all 4 directions, same as the one in Chennai, but this one is bigger. We had to leave our flipflops outside (as usual) and walked around 500m barefoot under the scorching sun! It was the longest walk I did barefoot on an exposed pavement, but I’m already getting used to it. One souvenir from India that I will never forget are my cracked-heels!


L-R: Hallway inside the temple, the roof of the temple with thousand sculpture of deities.


The ceiling inside the temple.


More murals on the ceiling.


And on the floor.


The colorful interior of the Shri Menakshi Temple has it all. From Rangolis to ceilings and sculptures, the interior of this temple is very intricate.


Blessing these people in particular.

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