Gunung Kawi

Gunung Kawi is located in Tampak Siring in Bali. It is famous with the ancient relics including old temple that looks like a tombstone, Hindu Temple and an ancient miniature of old Balinese living concept made from the stones. The complex is surrounded with scenic rice terraces. The green panoramic views of rice field with the breeze of tropical atmosphere are the additional perks why this became a tourist destination. This place is visited by tourists every day despite its location far enough from the parking area passing through the stairs surrounded by the beautiful rice terraces.

We arrived to Tampak Siring after a 20 minutes drive from Ubud. It was already late afternoon – one of the best times to go there and also ideal for taking pictures and sinking in the astonishing scenery. The entrance fee to Gunung Kawi is around 6000 Rp and the friendly lady at the entrance booth will lead you to the caretaker to lend you a sarong and a temple scarf. Then it’s time for some exercise.

From the entrance, you have to descend some stairs alongside with souvenir shops that will lead you to the temple complex. Quite a long walk down!

Gunung Kawi is where the Kacak dance in the film Baraka took place. The complex comprises 10 rock-cut candi (shrines) carved into the face of the cliff. Gunung Kawi really feels ancient. Something almost primal about the way the rock is carved.

The tombs were carved out of the walls and are dedicated to members of the royal family. Nobody knows exactly which members but there are some theories.

This is without doubt the most beautiful temple setting of central Bali with stunning rice fields and palm trees which seem to be dancing on the sounds of the gushing river below.

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