Patan, Lalitpur: City of Fine Arts

“Call me brave, for I ride a bike to Patan, 5km from Kathmandu.” NOT!

Imagine how crowded the streets are in Kathmandu: Merciless motorists trying to avoid manslaughter, the honking that stress you out, the locals who cross the street like a pinball, they can all be found in the streets of Kathmandu. It is nearly impossible to ride a bike around Kathmandu, it’s a silly idea, I know. Maybe feasible if only we get out of the room before the day starts to get busy.


We came across a festival wherein little girls are gathered and dressed in red and ornate headpieces. We didn’t get a proper explanation about this, but we guessed that it has something to do with honoring the Kumari.


Patan is an amazing place. Its Durbar Square (or gathering square) is impressive. There areĀ  three main courtyards in the palace: Mul Chowk, Sundari Chowk and Keshav Narayan Chowk. Besides these courtyards, the complex boasts impressive temples, religious shrines, and historical places, all noted for their exquisite carvings and beautiful display of ancient Newari architecture.

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