Parangtritis Peak and Goa Langse

We escaped from the city for a while and take the short moped ride from Yogya to the mystical Parangtritis beach where dramatic jagged cliffs meet a shiny volcanic black sand beach. Parangtritis is located around 28 km from Yogya this is the ideal distance to come for a day trip to take a break out of the city and soak up the roar of the waves and the astounding atmosphere. Here you’ll see some incredibly green hills set against the backdrop of a raging ocean. This whole region is filled with beaches, caves, lakes, paths and gravesites, each with their own mystical story.

Goa Langse Cave is located on the foot of the Parangtritis Peak, it is famous for its pilgrimage. It is situated 3km eastward from the beach. We didn’t expect what awaits for us there, it must be worthwhile – we walked around 800m from where we parked our moped, we reached this signboard and after filling in the guest book, a caretaker led us on the way to the cave.

The trip to get to Goa Langse is extremely tiring. But from the “what it seems to be the end point” one can enjoy the view of the Southern Sea of Java. But this point is not where the trip to cave ends! That cliff end was the beginning of utter physical and – include – mental and spiritually challenge trip. Read this: I was wearing a tiny summer dress and rubber slippers. We never thought we’d be free-climbing.

We then descended – with the help of our guide – the vertical cliff with 300 m high from the sea level to reach the cave. In few parts, there are oxidized iron stairs, but the rest are cliff steps, tree roots as hand rails, bamboo branches attached on the cliff.  After reaching 30m above sea level, we finally saw the cave’s entrance.

This cave is 30m long and 10m wide, 20m in height, and there are hanging stalactites.

We got back home around sunset and it has been a very tiring day for us. Our legs ache so bad because of climbing up and down the cliffs.