The Journey to the Holy Varanasi: Part 2

Alarm woke us up at around 5:30am. Some of the guests from the GH have been scurrying down to the lobby to join the sunrise boat ride on the Ganges. Our boatman was waiting for us outside the guesthouse, when everyone are already present, he led us through a dark maze of ancient lane ways to get to his boat. At around 6, the darkness is already fading away, as we paddled through the ghats, we witnessed personal forms of worship – here in the lifeline of Indian culture, we slowly floated by on our boat as families came to the river’s edge to bathe, worship, offer puja and pray.  Here on the Ganges, we watched the sunrise and welcomed a new day.

By 7am, more and more people flocked to the river side to do their morning rituals.  Varanasi is waking up.  The sun was a giant red ball of fire on the horizon.var11 var12 var13 var15 var16 var17 var18


5 thoughts on “The Journey to the Holy Varanasi: Part 2

  1. Incredible. I would love to explore Varanasi and the Ganges. I also would love to travel to and explore all of India there is so much to explore, appreciate and take in. Beautiful. Sat Nam. Namaste.

  2. I don’t exactly have an eye for art, especially photography, but I feel like this is some next level stuff. It’s difficult to impress someone who doesn’t understand what should be impressive, but you did it. Awesome pictures.

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