Indian Train Experience Through The Lens

My favorite travel companion aka the boyfriend writing on his travel journal during the whole trip.

The sleeper class has no air conditioning. Bad choice during a day travel.

Bhelpuri, India’s favorite chaat. I see them almost everywhere on the streets of India.

The boyfriend got the top bunk, so he did not have to deal with the confusion of the bottom bunk shuffle.

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3 thoughts on “Indian Train Experience Through The Lens

  1. Wow! Beautiful pictures!! The first four are my favorite! Interesting angles, lovely composition, there is a story in each one of them:) Travelling in sleeper class trains in India may not be all that comfortable but it sure is an altogether different experience:)

  2. Wow great photos. I’ve just finished a 2 month trip in India and now I wish I had taken more photos on the trains, especially as I feel like I spent half my trip on them.

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