Bhubaneswar, Odisha


Tantric sculptures.


Roof of a temple.


A vehicle full of Lingaraj devotees.


Bindu Sagar.


Intricately carved stonewalls of a temple


Lingaraj temple: Non-Hindus are not allowed in the temple, and thus from experiencing the complex and intriguing rituals of this temple, like the daily ceremony of bathing the lingain milk and feeding it rice, curries, bananas, coconuts, sweets, and a bhang (marijuana beverage). From the small, raised platform 100 yards away, non-Hindus must strain to see the profuse exterior carvings, a high point of Hindu decorative art; alas, without binoculars, most of the details will elude you. AND DO NOT PAY ANYTHING! A tout will come to ask you for a “donation” – there’s no such thing coming from the temple like that.


The Lingaraj temple complex view from the platform.

bhu8 bhu9 bhu10 bhu11


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