Acquiring an Indian Visa from Nepal

…is a total pain in the a**. We have spent almost a week and breakfast-less mornings just to arrange our visas for India. We succeeded only after numerous attempts completing this and that.

If you are in Nepal wanting to travel India (unless you are from Bhutan or Nepal), you might need a visa to enter India. We’re actually lucky enough to arrange our visas when they changed the system. Simple but complicated. So, be very well prepared.

First, you have to complete the Indian visa application form that can be downloaded here. Make sure that you fill in every single information required. It is also very important to write down the address of the guesthouse or hotel you are staying at. <- This is the part we missed, it asked for “Home Address”, and we wrote down our home address from our respective countries. NO. It has to be the address of the hotel/guesthouse you are staying at.It will also asked for a reference person in Nepal, put the name of a local you know  with a local phone number/mobile number. The visa assessor is very strict on these little matters, and just in order for you to do not consume too much time going back and forth, you gotta follow the rules. 🙂

Secondly, make sure that your Nepali visa is not expired. Don’t be confident on the fact that you can pay overstaying penalty fee (3USD) even though your visa is expired you can apply for the Indian visa, no. Your Nepali visa needs a week more before the expiry so they can issue you a visa. (I tried arguing with this, but they’ve got a point.)

Lastly, be patient when queuing. Do not buy a “queue number” from anyone who offers it to you. This visa issuance center is crowded and has long queues and will really consume your patient – I saw people pushing each other, a lady shoving her hand to another lady’s face, screaming, disappointed people. So, if you get bored or a little irritated, chai stalls are waiting for you outside by the gate.

When I got my Indian Visa stamped on my passport, I can’t help but jump for joy! I was too excited for another adventure. India must be worth it – for we had spent too much time getting irritated and frustrated for some days just to get the visa.

This calls for a celebratory dinner.


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