Our Home in Jogjakarta

Once in Jogja, Vale picked me up from the Fajar Utama station. Now, the dilemma is how to fit on the moped with my 70 cu. liter backpack. Well, we did. We managed to fit everything together, 2 medium sized backpacks and my monumental baggage – don’t ask how. We were experts on fitting ourselves in very tiny spaces. One time, we sat with chickens and sacks of rice for 16 hours.

Vale has been in Jogja for a week already and has found a host from Couchsurfing who’s willing to accommodate me too. He said he’s staying in a very big house with 8 bedrooms, with whimsical artworks on the wall, a huge garden with hammocks and… a playful feline.

We reached our host’s place after going through a maze of traffic jam. It’s scary driving on the left side of the road – but I trust Valerio given he’s an Italian who’s used to driving mopeds – I’m just not sure about driving on the left side though!

Our host’s place was situated in a very quite neighborhood, nearby the Taman Sari (The Water Temple), a Mosque and numerous food stalls on the street.

I went inside the house and was welcomed by Gato, the house cat. Our host isn’t around during that time but she’s nice enough to leave us a spare key to get in. The house is huge! It was a pure organized chaos. I fell in love with it. It was a home  a sanctuary for travelers, for artists.

The Couchsurfers’ Freedom Wall

The makeshift bar.

Meet Gato.

..and my favorite part of the house, is this: (below)

the outdoor shower area!



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